Engineering Excellence

Your project’s value just went up.

Environmentally Engineered

 We created a way to extract up to 10x the yield of each fine grain tree. We use less of the tree to create more!

Refined Aesthetic

 Clean lines like you’ve never seen before! Ultra-fine, clear cedar and all vertical grain – imagine that! Instantly differentiate your project.


 We hand select and curate our vertical, fine gain clear cedar to create the most unique product. Unlike any other cladding in the world.


Well, it’s manufacturer direct!

San Select Enviro-Clear Cladding

San Select Enviro Clear is meticulously designed to help create one of the most sustainable, rare and beautiful fine grain cedar products in the world. The wood grain used for our enviro-clear line is of the highest standards and grade, we hand select only 100% clear, vertical, ultra fine grain pieces of lumber to manufacture our most beautiful and desired wood product.
As harvesters, we understand the importance of each vertical, fine grain product we manufacture and through research and development, we created a method of ENVIRONMENTALLY ENGINEERING our products to extract up to 10 times the yield of each fine grain log harvested.

    We use Less of the tree to create More:

    Engineering Excellence

    We set out to create an environmentally friendly fine grain clear cedar product with the highest manufacturing standards. Thus, our engineers never cut any corners, and use absolutely no plywood or synthetic materials as a backer! We also individually hand select and manufacture all our materials in Canada, under the direct supervision of our production team.

    Watch the Process

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